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Get a fresh boost of confidence and a clear plan for your creative career.

Join me in this three part coaching intensive programme designed to help you get clear on your creative career goals, uncover the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back & understand how to use The Law of Attraction to manifest success.

This is for you if:

  • 2020 threw you off, and you're feeling confused at where to start.

  • You are committed to do the work but you are lacking confidence in taking those first steps.

  • You want some actionable guidance to start the year on a high note.

Session One: Clarity

This first coaching session is designed to help you get clear on your creative career and help

you choose goals that are aligned with what you really want rather than focusing on what you “should” do.

This session will:

  • ensure that you are specific with your intentions rather than being too vague with your desires.

  • give you the clarity you need to move forwards in your career with ease by reducing the overwhelm.

Session Two: Identifying Your Limited Beliefs

What is holding you back?


Most people are not aware what is really keeping them stuck. They may be aware of certain

fears and beliefs, but don’t know why these are triggered.

This session is designed to help you get to the root cause of your limiting beliefs.

It’s important that these beliefs are identified so that you know how to move forward.

Session Three: Action plan

A lot of my clients struggle with time management.


This next session is designed to help you understand the basics of The Law of Attraction as a

tool to achieve your goals within your creative career.

I will teach you personalised time management techniques. We will then design a short-term plan that is in alignment with you and feels right.

At the end of this programme, you will:

  • Know exactly where you’re heading

  • Know exactly what is holding you back, and have some tools to work on your limited beliefs

  • Know how to raise your vibrations frequency and manifest the success you’re after

  • Have a clear plan on what to do next, with achievable actionable plan

Need to talk this through or  more information? Drop me an email!

Image by Joanna Kosinska