Sit down, feet grounded on the floor, and take 5 deep breaths in and out through the nose.


Choose a topic where you feel you would like to change in your life. For example, you could choose to daydream about directing a multi-awarded film.


Now daydream about it. How does it feel?


Focus on what you can see, then what you can hear, smell, touch…


Pay attention to the thoughts that make you feel nervous or afraid. Listen to the thoughts that are telling you why this is a ridiculous fantasy and why it would never really happen.


Think carefully about each of the negative thoughts that come up and deter you from going after that goal.


Write them down.


Next, pretend that your best friend has this same goal. She shares with you her daydream and her limited beliefs (same as yours).


What do you tell her? Where do you encourage her? What do you warn her about? Listen to these thoughts and write them down.


How are they the same or different as when you talked to yourself? What does this tell you about your beliefs?


Daydream again about the same topic, and listen to your own advice. How does it feel?


To finish, take 3 deep breaths.