Pensive Freelancer

Join a community
of mindful artists

Imagine if you could be creative without anything holding you back!


Imagine if you could reframe your inner critic and work on your confidence, so you can become a mindful artist that can face any obstacles.


Imagine if you can finally accomplish your creative goals, supported by a community that gets you...


I want to create this community. I want to hold that space for like-minded artists so you can answer your calling.

I invite you to join my new membership so you can focus on your creativity, mindset and spirituality.

Fern Leaves

With this membership, you’ll get:

Abstract Hexagon

weekly group sessions to share your successes and struggles, relax and recharge…

Colorful Shape

a community of mindful artists who you can talk to in all honesty

Colorful Diamond

a monthly masterclass to improve your mindset and spirituality (reframe your inner critic...)

Colorful Diamond

the opportunity to help me shape this membership by sharing what YOU need

Join now...

The first masterclass is ready, and is designed to help you clarify what you want to achieve with your creativity, what inspired actions you need to take and how to succeed without feeling overwhelmed.


This is just the beginning, and not everything is ready yet. This is why I’ve created a Founding membership...


The doors are currently closed for enrolment. Join the waiting list to be the first one to know when the doors reopen. We can't wait to have you amongst us.