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What They Say

I love getting feedback—both complementary and constructive. As a Creative Mindset Coach, I’m proud to have gained the trust of my valued clients. Read on to see what others have said about me.


Treasure your dream programme changed my life. I am now more confident in my creative self and there is no going back. 

It is now clear to me what it is I want, which is half the battle. The programme taught me how to work towards my goals in a structured and manageable way. 

I also made big adjustments in my personal life which give me clarity.

If you are floundering, like I was, gift yourself this experience. AJ is exceptional at cutting through the noise and exposing the truth.

Siún O Connor

Writer & Filmmaker


I’ve really treasured my time working with AJ.

This program is a full and holistic approach to self belief, creative aspiration and much more. Each week takes a different approach, through workbooks, worksheets and visualisations prepared by
AJ. I enjoyed each session, a safe space that held me accountable to my own aims and actions.

AJ is incredible calm, lovely and nurturing while also asking for clarity, helping me delve deeper by asking the questions I wasn’t able (or didn’t think) to ask myself.

I was lost, both personally and in my career when I approached AJ after doing one of her workshops. I’m so glad I did. I have learnt a lot about myself, my personal goals; how to aim for and achieve them. There are things I gained from these coaching sessions that I didn’t go in thinking needed work. It has allowed me to let go of negative experiences and build better relationships. The people around me have noticed the change, even if they didn’t know I was doing the coaching.

This program has been the biggest support to challenge and overcome my self doubt and self-sabotage.

I’m really excited to see what will happen now I’ve completed the program and see what I can achieve. I have a much stronger self belief and I’m incredibly grateful and privileged for this experience.

Molly Moody



When I contacted AJ, I was full of blocks, as if paralyzed by my anxieties and my fear of both success and failure.

Since then, and thanks to her coaching, life and my projects have become much more fluid and simpler. I got back to making videos!

I am very happy to have dared to book AJ's services and I highly recommend her!

Sarah Fartaoui


Emma - Burn Bright.jpg

AJ is such a great person to talk to.

I felt encouraged to 'dream big' and open up about my creative ambitions, which is something i have never done, even just to myself.

We identified beliefs that were limiting me and already, after one session I feel it's possible to change my outlook on things and get over the roadblocks that are holding me back.

Emma Spearing

Actor/ Theatre Maker


AJ ran well-being workshops for our WFTV members.

The sessions were brilliant as AJ put everyone at ease and created a safe environment for people to speak freely.

Everybody came away feeling energised and uplifted with a clearer perspective. The music meditation was a wonderful addition too. Highly recommended.

Thank you AJ.



AJ Merlin listened attentively as I chattered on about my scattered goals for 2021, skillfully plucking the key bits to help me focus on “the next thing” to break my writer’s block and head me purposefully in the right direction.

Jarm Del Boccio

MG Historical fiction author of The Heart Changer


I have always considered myself to be a confident, ambitious, go getter type of person. Yet being honest, I wasn't where I wanted to be in my career.

After my first session with AJ, I felt like I had utter clarity on what I truly wanted. Not only professionally but personally with realistic steps on how I could achieve it. It was a real eureka moment! I had spent the last few years waiting for permission from others to start living the life I wanted, creating invisible doors- locking me out of the world I wanted to be a part of. AJ showed me I already had the key. 

Through the sessions my mindset has entirely changed, I now don't feel guilty for investing in my career, which has made me much happier in return. So much so that even friends and family have commented on I how seem to be 'buzzing' and lighter, (perhaps all the guilt I left behind.) 

AJ is approachable, humorous, honest and totally inspiring. I couldn't recommend her enough - she has changed my life.

Vanessa Hehir

Actress & Filmmaker


I was a little lost in my footing and needed some guidance, strategies and techniques to remind me of what I was fundamentally setting out to achieve both professionally and personally.

The sessions also helped me so much with my self-care goals – allowing me to forgive and move on from negative hurt and past experiences that serve me no purpose in my path forward.

I took so much away from our sessions each week and overall I feel like I’ve actually become a much more enlightened version of myself with clear goals and intentions to succeed in everything I do moving forward and to manage the value and time I give to every element that makes up the day-to-day.

I believe in me again and know how to take big leaps forward when working on my projects and myself. I feel more creative and open to bringing in positivity in every step I take forward.

Overall a truly priceless experience and toolkit, which I will carry with me forever.

Shaida Kazemi

Script Supervisor


I really enjoyed speaking with AJ, she has a gentle and warm nature and is very easy to talk to.

I explained my struggles with my creative projects and difficulty with focusing, she listened attentively and was able to switch tactics to take me through a different exercise than the one she had planned.

I would highly recommend AJ if you're a creative or in the music or film industry to help get clarity on your goals and desires.

Jessica Smith

Song Writer


AJ's workshop the New You was inspirational and eye opening. It really made us and our members look at the past, the present and the future we want. 

In the FFC we believe that visualising your dreams is a major tool in helping them come true, AJ did a brilliant job at helping us visualise those dreams and be present in that moment.

Female Film Club


AJ was so generous with our filmmakers, giving them some essential tips to achieve their long-term goals in our challenging industry.

Her workshop is very well-designed and she provides invaluable tips for filmmakers who are willing to take the next step.

Our attendants highly enjoyed her workshop and we recommend her to fellow organizations, especially in these transition times, to highlight on the importance of well-being and taking care of ourselves and each other.

Paris International Film Festival

Clients: Testimonials
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